Andrea Matteucci


My Shots


In my "photographology" i took several shots of people, moments, things and nature, and now i want to show you.
Only two categories: Basket and Life.
BASKET: i'm the first fun of my son, so i adapted my passion to sport for him and for my team.

LIFE: i made several shots during holidays, everyday life and in several initiatives that i've organized and parteciparte.




A Little Preview


Something about Me

I was born in 1975, in the little town of Forlimpopoli in the Romagna region (Italy) a land between the sea and the mountain, where the breeze caresses the spirits both in summer and in winter.

I received my first camera for the eighth birthday, it was a 35mm Leika. The second was a Polaroid Quick 610: it was incredible, after the shoot, the press came out, you were waving it and it was ready: magic!

My first digital technology camera was a Canon Eos 605 at the age of 13. It was the first real step towards photography, despite the high cost of film and printing and then the fully digital technology was a real revelation.


I'm not very fond of the video, but I did something


Other Projects

Circus Nebula

The band, born in early '88 in Forli' (NE Italy) like a raw mix of dark Doom Metal sound and a nihilist Rock'n'Roll side. Circus Nebula merge their music and life's philosophy in a sound they called: RAW'N'ROLL.

Baskérs Forlimpopoli

It's the basketball team in the city, it's my team, where i hold the position of manager in charge, and also that of photographer.

Forlimpopoli Eventi

It's the valorisation association of the historic center of Forlimpopoli: it organizes events and shows for people of all ages (0-99)

TMA Technological Solution

It's my everyday work. Photography is only my Hobby.